Morgan's First Year

Friday, June 13, 2008

Strange Obsession?

I'm going to call myself out here. Not because I want you to make fun of me, I just want to share my latest obsession. So, here goes...

I have heard this story more than a dozen times from my Mom (Morgan's Meme aka., Grandma Lewis when she's ticked me off ). As a child I was a thumb sucker. It was a habit that was very hard to break and took a long time. Apparently, when I indulged in this habit I would pick fuzz from any soft item and rub it under my nose. I don't remember, but my Mom swears I did this. She claims that I would pick the fuzz off the front of my footie jammies to the point of thread bare patches. Very strange obsession she claims.

You are probably pretty confused as to where I am going with this by now. Hang in there there is a point and conclusion to this story.

Anyway, this fuzz picking and rubbing was a comfort thing that I did when I was tired. I really didn't believe I would do something as strange as rubbing fuzz under my nose until the other day...

It started like any other night's bedtime routine for Morgan. Nurse, bath, diaper, lotion, jammies, brush hair (yes, she has some), nurse again, read books, rock to sleep, then into the crib she goes.


No, not sucking my thumb and not picking fuzz, but very close. As I was snuggling my baby girl, smelling so sweet after her bath, I caught myself rubbing her soft silky baby fine hair under my nose as I kissed her perfect little head. She was so warm and cuddly and had her little fingers wrapped tightly around my pinky. I was holding her so close planting as many kisses on her head as I could without waking her. The feel of her silky hair on my lips and the smell of her little head was intoxicating. I could have held her there for the rest of my life. It was heaven on earth!

So there it is. I'm a closet fuzz rubber. I guess my Mom was telling the truth. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love rubbing my daughter's sweet silky hair across my lips as I kiss her little head. Call me STRANGE, I'll take it!


Fran said...

O.K., I will call you strange if you insist, but only in a very nice way! Enjoy these times since I am positive my granddaughter won't let you rub her silky hair under your nose in a few years, lol. Love, Mom S.

Anonymous said...

Some habits never die!!!
You also loved silky blankets. It was not unlike you to work the silk binding off your blankets and drag it around with you. Silky blankets and Morgan hair are very similar I guess.

love ya

Kristi Lessen said...

I had some "strange" habits that I still indulge in...I take the corner of my pillow case and rub my thumb finger nail around it. It calms me and helps me fall asleep....check out my pillow cases sometime ;o)