Morgan's First Year

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Afternoon Photo Shoot

17 August

Could she be any cuter?
Gotta love the belly and the drool!

Water Play

16 August

I gave Morgan a bucket of water and some foam letters to play with while I was making dinner one evening. She had a great time splashing and dumping the water. I must have re-filled the bucket 5 times because she kept dumping the water into her lap and all over the floor. If only I had known it would not only make her so happy and get my floors clean...I would have done it a long time ago!

Norfolk Tides

15 August

We took Morgan to her second baseball game to see the Norfolk Tides play. The game had an hour & 50 minute rain delay, but our little trooper hung in there and was such a good girl. We ate at the ball park restaurant which was ok, but the atmosphere was fun and made up for the food. If only the game hadn't been delayed! Maybe next time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Offer Accepted

We got good news this morning. Our offer on the house in Hanford was accepted by the seller. Now we have to wait on appraisal and approval from the bank saying they will accept getting less than the value of the property.

Continue to keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for us.

Thank You!!


Our little Love Bug slept through the night last night. We put her to bed around 7pm and Daddy woke her up a few minutes before 7am. Absolutely amazing!

Now, wouldn't it have been nice if we were able to have slept that long?!

After putting the offer on the Hanford house late last night we had a million things running through our mind which made for a very tough night of sleep.

We will be so glad to finally get settled in California.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Put In An Offer...

...on a house in Hanford, California this evening. Our offer has been accepted by the seller, but needs to be approved by the bank because it is a short sale.

It is a beautiful home with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen, family/living room, 2 car garage and a pool in the backyard. In other words...PLENTY of room for visitors!

We are excited, but have a a lot that needs to be approved before we can celebrate that we have a new home.

Please keep us in your prayers as we play the waiting game. We hope all goes smoothly with this transaction.

Here are some pics of the house...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Look

Ever since I started the blog I haven't been totally satisfied with the way it looks. I have been trying ever since to find the right background, page elements and other fun stuff. The last one I liked, but it was just a little too bright.

After a lot of looking around the web I finally found a background that I really love. It was super easy to configure and didn't take very long at all.

Let me know what you think.

Under Contract read that correctly! After numerous counter offers and a lesson learned by the buyers they have finally accepted our counter offer. So, things are moving quickly. Our home inspection is either tomorrow or Thursday and should things go well with that our house will go to close.

As of now our household goods packing dates are Sep. 10 & 11 (we will be home from IL Sep. 7). Our household goods pick-up will be Sep. 12 and our closing will be Sep. 15.

So that has us living the nomadic life with Morgan and the 2 dogs until we leave here Oct. 22 for California. Our good friends Kevin and Nealy Seibel have graciously offered for us to stay with them until we leave. It will be crowded with 6 adults, 3 kids and 5 dogs, but we'll work it out.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Messy Face

Need I say more?

The aftermath of feeding herself breakfast.

13 August

Our Little Miracle

Michael and I attended The New Hope Center's 10th Annual "Our Little Miracles" Birthday Celebration last year while I was still pregnant with Morgan. We were given a cute little t-shirt before we went home. She is wearing it in the pictures below.

We won't be able to make this year's celebration because we will be visiting our family in Illinois for the 2nd Annual Jake Lessen Memorial Golf Outing, but we hope to be able to attend in the future.

13 August

Bows, Bows, Bows!!!

Morgan's hair is finally long enough to put clip bows in.
I think she looks absolutely adorable.
What do you think??

12 August

First Bubble Bath

Too much fun!!

11 August

Who Knew...

...that plastic measuring cups could be so fun!

11 August

Learning to Crawl

5 August

Morgan has been on the go, go, go. Ever since she learned to sit up on her own she has been unstoppable. Just days after learning to stand on her own she started crawling. She is just amazing. She is definitely determined to be on the move. I have since become her personal jungle gym. It is absolutely adorable how excited she gets when she learns a new trick. I have no doubt she will be cruising the furniture and taking her first steps soon!

I have to say that it wasn't Mommy who got to see her crawl for the first time. I left her at the beach house with Daddy and Uncle Scott and went shopping. Daddy caught her first shuffle on video while I was out. Mommy was so sad to have missed it!

Trip to Fenwick Island

4 August

This was our first trip to the pool and the beach.
We had a great time and went home exhausted.

First Time in the Pool

Morgan & Daddy

Morgan & Pops

Morgan & Mommy
(Don't ya just love the hat and bikini!)

Morgan & Aunt Nancy

Morgan & Meme

Morgan & Mommy Again

Out For A Stroll in Sunny Delaware

3 August

As you can tell by her smile she was having a great time strolling and snacking!