Morgan's First Year

Friday, April 24, 2009

Doodlebug Dress

Morgan's Meme made this dress for her last summer.
It was a little big last year, but fits perfectly now.
The little dots on the dress are little ladybugs...

So Sweet!!

So Sad...Mommy won't let me play in the pool outside with my pretty dress on.

Crackers make everything better!!
Look at those huge tears on her cheeks.

So Happy!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Fun...

Here are a few pics from the past few weeks.

Morgan's first taste of chocolate.

Clapping for chocolate...she must like it!

Yep, she likes it!!

Sooo sad because Mommy stopped pushing and she wasn't done yet.
Mean Mommy!

Somebody likes to run and march!

Future gymnast??

First Illini T-shirt...
...and boo-boo's on the knees.

Yes Daddy, that is a WHOLE sausage link in my mouth!

Mommy's Doodle Bug

Stacked these blocks all on her OWN!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

With Sadness...

I HATE to share news like this, especially in this way,
but for the moment this will make it easier for me.

This past weekend, Michael and I found out we were pregnant.
We also found out the pregnancy would not last and I would miscarry.

This was not a planned pregnancy,
though we would have embraced this miracle with open arms!

Many of you know the pain, heart-break, medical intervention and time it took to be blessed with our Sweet Morgan. Throughout that process, and prior to, I had been told we would NOT become pregnant with out medical intervention.

Apparently, we CAN get pregnant...without assistance from a doctor.

The tricky part now is STAYING pregnant,
should be be blessed again.

We have no answers as to why,
we speculate is may have been due to my Protein-S Deficiency,
but we won't know for sure.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Da E-sta Bunny, Da E-sta Bunny!

The Easter Bunny made an early pit stop at the Simpson Residence last week.
He must have known Michael was going away and wouldn't be home for all the excitement.
The Easter Bunny sure does pack a mean basket, too!

Morgan's Wagon "Basket"

Nesting Blocks
Morgan's Favorite!

Pulling the wagon

Easter Egg Hunt

Morgan had a great time "finding" all the Easter eggs "hidden" around our family room.
We have since been to two more egg hunts and have accumulated quite the collection of eggs. She has a blast dumping them from a bucket onto the floor then picking them back up again. We must do this a dozen or more times a day. She also loves for me to hide some eggs while she is napping and find them when she wakes up and comes down stairs.


These were taken on the day Morgan turned 15 months old.

Yes, our baby girl is 15 months old!!

She is totally a toddler now and enjoys, in no particular order, climbing
(everything including the stove and other furniture), dancing, singing, running, coloring, bubbles, talking and The Wiggles. Actually, her like for The Wiggles goes a little deeper and could be considered an obsession!

In the pictures below she is dressed for a party that we went to for a friend's birthday. The Wiggles were on TV which made it impossible to get her to look at the least she wasn't climbing on the stove or the table though!


Dancing to The Wiggles