Morgan's First Year

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy's Special Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I wanted to take a moment to remember a few of the very special people in my life...

First ~ Michael, Thank you for being the wonderfully amazing and loving man that you are. You are an awesome daddy, the best one Morgan could ever have. My heart swells every time I see her smile that huge gummy grin at you. She sure knows you are her daddy and I can see how she loves you so very much. It is almost overwhelming at times how much I am in love with you and our little girl. Sometimes I feel like my heart might burst because I love you both so much, that it couldn't possibly hold any more. Then I wake up to a new day and find myself loving you even more. Thank you for showing me that it is possible to love after hurt and allowing me to open my heart and receive all that you have to give me without fear.

Daddy ~ Thank you for loving me through all my stages of growth...the good and the bad. Thank you for standing by me when I insisted on learning from my own mistakes. I know it must have been hard to endure a lot of my behavior, but I appreciate you allowing me (willingly or not) to grow in the way I need for myself. It is because of your and Mom's guidance that I am the woman I am today. You and Mom allowed me to grow to be independent and strong. I appreciate that and hope that I can pass those traits onto my daughter.

Mommy ~ Thank you for falling in love with Dad, marrying him, enduring my adolescence and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and net when venting my frustrations. I am so happy that not only can I call you Mom, but also friend.

Mom and Dad Simpson ~ Thank you for raising your son to be a loving, caring, strong, honest, respectful and Godly man. I feel so blessed to have been lead by GOD in a way that our paths crossed at the right time and place. Thank you for accepting me as a daughter and loving me despite my flaws.

Michael, Daddy and Dad Simpson ~ I wish you a happy, blessed and peaceful Father's Day.

All My Love!

P.S. ~ Your cards are late...they're in the mail. Sorry for the delay!!