Morgan's First Year

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bestest Buddies...

So, I was in the kitchen the other day getting something to eat and drink and I could hear Morgan just talking away having a grand old time.  I had left her on the floor in the middle of her blanket surrounded by some toys so, I figured she picked one she liked and was playing away.  Here is what I found when I came back to the living room.

Apparently, she had scooted her way through the wall of toys, across the blanket to the carpet and was chatting up her best buddy J.D. while he rested his head on her belly.  I imagine some of her squeals of delight were due to a few (or many) puppy kisses.  
Aren't they just too cute!

Oh, and she managed to turn herself 180 degrees around.  She started in the opposite direction that I found her.