Morgan's First Year

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy's Special Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I wanted to take a moment to remember a few of the very special people in my life...

First ~ Michael, Thank you for being the wonderfully amazing and loving man that you are. You are an awesome daddy, the best one Morgan could ever have. My heart swells every time I see her smile that huge gummy grin at you. She sure knows you are her daddy and I can see how she loves you so very much. It is almost overwhelming at times how much I am in love with you and our little girl. Sometimes I feel like my heart might burst because I love you both so much, that it couldn't possibly hold any more. Then I wake up to a new day and find myself loving you even more. Thank you for showing me that it is possible to love after hurt and allowing me to open my heart and receive all that you have to give me without fear.

Daddy ~ Thank you for loving me through all my stages of growth...the good and the bad. Thank you for standing by me when I insisted on learning from my own mistakes. I know it must have been hard to endure a lot of my behavior, but I appreciate you allowing me (willingly or not) to grow in the way I need for myself. It is because of your and Mom's guidance that I am the woman I am today. You and Mom allowed me to grow to be independent and strong. I appreciate that and hope that I can pass those traits onto my daughter.

Mommy ~ Thank you for falling in love with Dad, marrying him, enduring my adolescence and loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and net when venting my frustrations. I am so happy that not only can I call you Mom, but also friend.

Mom and Dad Simpson ~ Thank you for raising your son to be a loving, caring, strong, honest, respectful and Godly man. I feel so blessed to have been lead by GOD in a way that our paths crossed at the right time and place. Thank you for accepting me as a daughter and loving me despite my flaws.

Michael, Daddy and Dad Simpson ~ I wish you a happy, blessed and peaceful Father's Day.

All My Love!

P.S. ~ Your cards are late...they're in the mail. Sorry for the delay!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Strange Obsession?

I'm going to call myself out here. Not because I want you to make fun of me, I just want to share my latest obsession. So, here goes...

I have heard this story more than a dozen times from my Mom (Morgan's Meme aka., Grandma Lewis when she's ticked me off ). As a child I was a thumb sucker. It was a habit that was very hard to break and took a long time. Apparently, when I indulged in this habit I would pick fuzz from any soft item and rub it under my nose. I don't remember, but my Mom swears I did this. She claims that I would pick the fuzz off the front of my footie jammies to the point of thread bare patches. Very strange obsession she claims.

You are probably pretty confused as to where I am going with this by now. Hang in there there is a point and conclusion to this story.

Anyway, this fuzz picking and rubbing was a comfort thing that I did when I was tired. I really didn't believe I would do something as strange as rubbing fuzz under my nose until the other day...

It started like any other night's bedtime routine for Morgan. Nurse, bath, diaper, lotion, jammies, brush hair (yes, she has some), nurse again, read books, rock to sleep, then into the crib she goes.


No, not sucking my thumb and not picking fuzz, but very close. As I was snuggling my baby girl, smelling so sweet after her bath, I caught myself rubbing her soft silky baby fine hair under my nose as I kissed her perfect little head. She was so warm and cuddly and had her little fingers wrapped tightly around my pinky. I was holding her so close planting as many kisses on her head as I could without waking her. The feel of her silky hair on my lips and the smell of her little head was intoxicating. I could have held her there for the rest of my life. It was heaven on earth!

So there it is. I'm a closet fuzz rubber. I guess my Mom was telling the truth. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love rubbing my daughter's sweet silky hair across my lips as I kiss her little head. Call me STRANGE, I'll take it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thought...

As I was looking over our blog I glanced at our Wedding Ticker and had to smile.
Michael and I were married 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days ago.

I Love You, Michael with all that I am and all that I have!
Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to stay at home and watch our sweet little girl grow.


Oh...To Be So Flexible

Our sweet girl is sitting up for longer and longer periods on her own.  It is so much fun to watch her get so excited about her accomplishments.  She has taken to leaning forward all the way to play with toys.  It is really funny to see.  It looks like I could just fold her up like origami and put her in my purse.  Of course, I would never do that!  ;-p

Pardon the laundry in the background...
I did 14 loads of laundry while Michael was gone and I decided this afternoon all I wanted to do was play with my little girl.  Laundry can wait!!

Pediatrician's Nightmare

I know, I know...I'm a naughty mommy!  I snapped this picture right after Morgan woke up from her nap this afternoon.  When I went in her room to get her from her crib I burst out laughing at the sight.  If you look closely you can see about a dozen soft lovies in her crib.  To be precise there are 4 pink stuffed bunnies, 2 white stuffed bunnies, 2 stuffed caterpillars, 1 glow worm, 1 blanket, 1 taggies lovie, 2 rattles, 2 paci's, 1 sleep sheep and a partridge in a pear tree.  (Ok, maybe not the last one, but it sounded good.)  Right smack in the middle of it all was my little girl, grinning from ear to ear and reaching her arms up for me to pick her up.  I'm pretty sure her pediatrician would have a heart-attack if he could see what was in her crib.  Little does he know she has been sleeping on her belly since she could lift her head off the mattress.  She does so much rolling back and forth now that even if she started on her back she would most assuredly be on her belly by morning.  Anyway, I had to take a picture because it made me laugh so hard.

Here's my love bug putting her paci in her mouth.
It's a fun game to put it in and take it out repeatedly!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Toys

Talking to the animals...

Levi keeping watch

Look at me sitting up on my own!


Look at those baby blues!

I love my Rain Forest Jumper!

Even on the lowest setting I still need a little boost!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Slight Breakthrough

We had a little breakthrough today...
Morgan drank a little water/organic pear juice mix from a bottle all on her own!
This is a breakthrough because she hasn't taken a bottle since a few days after she came home from the hospital.  Michael and I haven't been on an alone date since before she was born and I haven't been away from her for more than 2 or 3 hours...EVER!
Needless to say we are trying very hard to get her to take a bottle and/or sippy cup.
She will take a few sips out of a sippy, but mostly she wants to chew on it.
Hopefully, we can get her interested in at least one of them, SOON!

All on her own!

Oops!  A few drips! It happens!

Sunday, June 8, 2008



I am so very proud of all your accomplishments!!
You are so deserving of this for all your hard work!
I love you with all my heart!!

Michael got some great news on Saturday...he made Operational Department Head.  The competition was tough and he was one of the chosen few.  I am soo PROUD of him!!!  Now you may be asking what this means...well, a few things.  In no particular order and I may not get everything but, here's the gist.  Michael will continue to be able to fly, he will get one more bonus installment, it will help when it comes time to put on O-5 (Commander), he will eventually be able to be skipper of a squadron if chosen and he wants,  he will have a lot more responsibilities, work longer hours, most likely be out to sea for 6+ months or so and he will have a lot more stress.  Additionally, it is possible that we may have to move.  Our first choice would be to stay right where we are.  Unfortunately, the Navy will put us where ever they need, be it here or across the globe.  Well, that's all I know for now.  Michael will be trying to get more information over the next few days and weeks.  We will do our best to keep everyone posted on the happenings. ;-)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bath Time Is Great!

Feet Are Fun!

Morgan In Action

A Little Levi Lovin'

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So Sleepy

What an Angel

Could she be any cuter?

Yogurt is Yummy!!

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Little Polka Dot Bikini

It was a beautiful day yesterday so Mommy filled my little pool with some water and toys to play with.  It only took about 3 seconds for me to realize how very cold the water was.  I stuck out my little lip and started to cry, tears and all!  I had much more fun laying on the towel and playing with Mommy. 

Look at the birdies, Mommy!

Hold me...please!

Aren't I adorable?

Tastes good

Relaxing with Mommy

Sleepy girl

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What A Difference 5 Months Make!

It's hard to believe that 5 months ago we brought Morgan home from the hospital.  We had no idea what to expect.  We have enjoyed watching her grow from an itty bit to an adorable smiley 5 month old.  We are so excited to see where this adventure takes us next and love learning all about who our sweet little girl is growing to be.

First Day Home From NMCP
January 4, 2008

At Home Playing With Her Feet
June 3, 2008

Swinging In Style

A few days before Daddy left for Key West he put up a fun bright blue swing in the tree in our front yard.  I have been meaning to take some pictures of Morgan enjoying her swing.  Today was a perfect day to do so.  The weather is beautifully bright, sunny and 85. 

"Stop taking my picture and swing me already, Mommy!"

"Look at me go!"

"Tastes like chicken!"

"Ok Mom, I'm really hungry here can you stop taking my picture and feed me...please!?"

Getting So Big!

Morgan is 5 months and 3 days old today.  I look at her and can't believe how lucky Michael & I are.  She really is ours forever.  I am still having a hard time with that concept though.  We went through so much to get her here sometimes I think it's a dream.  

I am totally going to be "That Mom" right now so you can stop reading if you like.  Here goes...I can't believe how beautiful, cute, adorable, sweet, lovable and snuggly Morgan is.  I just can't get enough of her.  Michael has made me promise that I will let her play by herself sometimes and get frustrated so that she can start to learn to do things on her own.  It's hard let me tell you!  I do love to hold her and kiss her over and over.  I figure there might come a point where she says, "Mommy, No!" so I am kissing and hugging her constantly.  For the most part she is very tolerant.   

Here are a few (ok...a lot, I can't stop myself) pictures from today.  Sorry some are a bit blurry Morgan is a very active baby and it's impossible to get her to sit still sometimes.

Getting ready to call Daddy on her cell phone

What a little ham...don't you just love that smile!

Waiting for Daddy to call back

What a happy girl

Too cute!

So Sweet

"What did you say Mommy?  I was busy talking to Daddy."

"That was a lot of fun, but I think I am going to rest a bit now."

Bestest Buddies...

So, I was in the kitchen the other day getting something to eat and drink and I could hear Morgan just talking away having a grand old time.  I had left her on the floor in the middle of her blanket surrounded by some toys so, I figured she picked one she liked and was playing away.  Here is what I found when I came back to the living room.

Apparently, she had scooted her way through the wall of toys, across the blanket to the carpet and was chatting up her best buddy J.D. while he rested his head on her belly.  I imagine some of her squeals of delight were due to a few (or many) puppy kisses.  
Aren't they just too cute!

Oh, and she managed to turn herself 180 degrees around.  She started in the opposite direction that I found her.