Morgan's First Year

Monday, November 16, 2009

For The Love Of Horses

On a very chilly Wednesday afternoon a few weeks ago Morgan, Meme, and I went to watch the daughter of a friend during her riding lesson. Since Morgan loves horses and all we thought it would be something really fun for her to watch.

Not only did Morgan love watching Tabitha ride Sugar, Morgan got to ride Sugar herself!
She went two and a half times around the ring and enjoyed every minute of it. While sitting up in the saddle Morgan, at one point, leaned over and grabbed the reigns all on her own. The riding instructor was so impressed. She said normally she does not start children with riding lessons until they are four, but thought Morgan would be ready for lessons at three. If Morgan continues with her affinity for horses we may have lessons in the future. She seems to be a natural born equestrian!

Morgan getting on Sugar

(Tabitha is in front in the riding gear,
her Mom is in the black jacket,
and the riding instructor is in the blue sweater,
& Sugar the horse)

Posing for a pic
(Morgan, Mommy, Tabitha & Sugar)

Riding around the ring


Just Some Pics

Halloween Pics

Morgan is obsessed with horses so it was only appropriate for her to be a horse for Halloween. This was her first year actually going trick-or-treating, but she picked up the concept immediately! She has her daddy's sweet-tooth and has been enjoying getting the occasional treat. Mostly she love chocolate of any kind, but had a particular affinity for M&M's which she calls "emenies".