Morgan's First Year

Monday, May 4, 2009

Learning Photo Shop...slowly!

For those of you who don't know yet, I started back to school on 6 April. I am working towards my BS in Photography through The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, thanks in part to Uncle Sam. I only have 5 more years to utilize my MGIB benefits and now seems as good a time as ever to use may take me those 5 years to actually finish my degree since I lost all but 8 of my credits from previous schooling. Something about there being a statute of limitations. Apparently, you cannot transfer credits older than 10 years. Yikes! Have I really been out of school that long?
Anyway, I am desperately trying to learn Ad@be Photo Shop CS4 and Ad@be Lightroom 2, as well as becoming better at composition and lighting. I haven't actually taken any photography classes yet, as they require an online learning class and basic English and Math courses first.

Here are a few of the most recent photos of The Doodle Bug.
The last one is not a favorite because of the chair leg, but I just LOVED that adorable little face! She had had enough of me taking her photo and just asked me, "Uhp peas!" (Translation: Up Please) and gave me that goofy grin. How could I not put the camera down and snuggle my little girl after that?!