Morgan's First Year

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

With Sadness...

I HATE to share news like this, especially in this way,
but for the moment this will make it easier for me.

This past weekend, Michael and I found out we were pregnant.
We also found out the pregnancy would not last and I would miscarry.

This was not a planned pregnancy,
though we would have embraced this miracle with open arms!

Many of you know the pain, heart-break, medical intervention and time it took to be blessed with our Sweet Morgan. Throughout that process, and prior to, I had been told we would NOT become pregnant with out medical intervention.

Apparently, we CAN get pregnant...without assistance from a doctor.

The tricky part now is STAYING pregnant,
should be be blessed again.

We have no answers as to why,
we speculate is may have been due to my Protein-S Deficiency,
but we won't know for sure.


Gary and Lisa Simpson said...

Oh Karen, this made me cry! I am both happy for you- for being able to get pregnant without "help" and for the heartbreak of it. Sending prayers your way.