Morgan's First Year

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

California Goodies

A friend from one of Morgan's play groups told me about a website called Family Farm Fresh.
It is a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) group of local farm families.

Every other week we will receive a basket full of local fresh fruits and vegetables and organic grape juice delivered right to our door. Each delivery the contents will differ which will make it exciting to see what's next. They even include storage directions and recipes. We also have the opportunity to add things like local nuts, raw cheeses, honey and baked goods.

We received our first basket this afternoon. Morgan was so excited to see what was in the basket and so was I. I have never seen produce this fresh. The smell of the citrus and onions was intoxicating. Of course we had to try something right away, so an orange it was.

This was the first orange Morgan had ever had and she couldn't get enough of it! She kept repeating, "Mmmm...Mmmm....Mmmm!" over and over again. It was too cute!

Here's our first basket.

All the yummy goodies inside.
We got lettuce, snow peas, asparagus, potatoes, pomelos, navel oranges, avocados, onions and cucumbers in this weeks' basket.

Organic grape juice too!


Fran said...

What a fun basket to get--and healthy too! Wonder if they do something around here like that (uh, right......).

Thanks for sharing.

Mom S