Morgan's First Year

Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Some Cheezy Grins...

Morgan was in just a great mood today. I took advantage of her toofy grin and snapped a few (OK, a lot!) pics.
Here are a few of my favorites...

Such A Happy Little Girl!
(I just love her three little toofers)

In this one Morgan is saying, "Chee!", her version of cheese.
Look At Those Cheeks!
(It looks like she's storing nuts in there!)

So Happy!

Look Daddy A New Toofer!

Can You Tell She's Enjoying The Attention?!

Morgan got two very sweet bears for Valentine's Day.
She carried these bears around almost All day today!
She just couldn't give enough huggy's and kissy's today.
Huggy's for her bears.
Don't you just love her version of a double hug?!

Kissy's for her sweetheart bear from Grandma and Grandpa Simpson

Having a chat with her bear from Meme and Pops.

Giggling at the Wiggles on TV.

More kissy's for her bear from G'ma & G'pa Simpson.
She just LOVED giving him kissy's!

THANK YOU so very much Grandma and Grandpa Simpson and Meme and Pops for my bears!
I love giving them huggy's and kissy's.
Don't be mistaken though, I'd rather give YOU my huggy's and kissy's!!

I love and miss you, Daddy!!
Come home soon...
...I have LOTS of huggy's and kissy's for you, too!!!