Morgan's First Year

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dearest Morgan Jo,

What a year it has been! We have watched you grow from a tiny baby into a beautiful, walking, talking little girl. You amaze us every day with how quickly you are learning and growing. How exciting it is for us to see how big you are getting and how happy you are. It was a very long road to get you here safely in our arms and we would go through it all again because the journey gave us YOU. We couldn't feel more blessed as parents to have such a healthy happy little girl. GOD is good and we have him to thank for entrusting and blessing us with you. We pray you continue to grow and remain healthy and look forward to every new day with you. Our love for you overflows our hearts and continues to grow each day.

Happy 1st Birthday Morgan!

We Love You So Very Much,
Mommy & Daddy


Marci said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! I remember the first birthdays. Oh the mess they made with that cake but how much fun it was. I know you will treasure these memories.

Lessen Family said...

That's an awfully big cake for such a little girl! We love you, Morgan!!!