Morgan's First Year

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not Me Monday

OK everyone, I am going to try something new. I am going to try something fun that I found on a blog that I follow religiously...I mean occasionally. Please head over to MckMama's blog and check out the brains behind this carnival. You will love her blog, she is so sweet, her kids are just too cute and her blog is adorable, not to mention hysterical. Also, you have to check out all the other folks that have joined in on the fun here. So, with out further ado, here goes my first Not Me Monday...

I did not drink coffee every day this week and consider it breakfast. Nope, I ate a healthy nutritionally balanced breakfast every morning as a good example for my daughter.

I most certainly did not tell my 9 1/2 month old that Mommy's Milk Bar was closed and give her a sippy cup of whole milk just because I was too tired to nurse her. I would never deny my sweet baby girl her mama milk that would be wrong.

I did not and would not put her down for a nap early just because I was tired and wanted to take a nap. That might mess up her sleep schedule and cause her to stay up late.

Morgan was not screaming in her pack 'n play for 20 minutes while I took a hot shower. I took a shower while she was asleep because I know she does not like to be left alone.

Michael and I did not take our baby to the movies to see The D@rk Night because there is violence and profanity in the movie. Nope, we left her at home sound asleep with a babysitter because taking her to see that movie would be irresponsible of us.

I absolutely do not spend as much time as I can reading blogs of complete strangers then tell my husband all about what I read as if these people are my friends. And I certainly did not sit sobbing my head off while reading one of those blogs because I felt the loss of a Sister in Christ as if it were my own.

This Not Me Monday was NOT posted on Tuesday, nope I posted it on Monday just like I am suppose to do because it is called Not Me Monday not Tuesday.

Have a great week everyone!