Morgan's First Year

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Donating from the heart

Here's a pic and article of Morgan's Aunt Kristi
The Lincoln Courier, Lincoln, IL

Donating from the heart

Lincoln, Ill. -

Kristi Lessen smiles as she donates blood Monday during a Central Illinois Community Blood Center drive at the Masonic Temple. Lessen also taped a testimonial for the blood center, urging others to give. She said donating is her way of repaying the strangers who provided blood for her following a September 2006 motorcycle accident that fatally injured her husband, Jake Lessen, and left her hospitalized. “I received 12 transfusions during the two weeks I was in the hospital,” Lessen said. “That’s one of the five factors of why I’m still here. My husband gave his life so I could live. I’m living life for both of us, so I want to live it the best I can. I believe in paying it forward.” Lessen also recently adopted two children from Guatemala.

By Nancy Rollings Saul
The Courier