Morgan's First Year

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here's What's Been Happening...

Just a quick recap of our year so far...

Daddy gives Morgan to Mommy to hold for the first time.
December 31, 2007   11:55 PM

Mommy holding Morgan

In January...
Welcome home Morgan  
January 4, 2008

Visit from Uncle Scott & Uncle Keith

Visit from Meme & Pops 
(Grandma & Grandpa Lewis)

Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Simpson

Morgan's first party
Cousin Rich's 5 Year Anniversary
Colon Cancer Free Celebration
New Jersey
January 19, 2008

Visit with Dr. Robin (our IVF doctor)


Kristi Lessen said...

Love the pictures...keep 'em coming! Can't wait to see you in 6 days!!!

Matt & Addi